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Consulting with FDA under the Pre-Sub process before submitting a 510(k)/ De Novo​

Consulting with FDA under the Pre-Sub process before submitting a 510(k)/ De Novo​

Manufacturers of medical devices and IVDs can obtain FDA feedback through Pre-Sub (Pre Submission) proces before investing their resources in expensive preclinical evaluation and clinical studies intended to support a premarket submission.

When submitting a Pre-Sub for a 510(k), the Pre-Sub file should include a cover letter, device intended use/indication for use, device description, proposed predicate device, bench/ analytical evaluation, preclinical & clinical study protocol, previous discussions with FDA, specific questions to FDA and the requested method of feedback (written response, face to face meeting or teleconference with FDA).

Pre-Sub is strongly recommended in situations when specific questions arise that are not adequately addressed by existing guidance or when the new device does not clearly fall within an established regulatory pathway.

Examples for specific questions for a 510(k) Pre-Sub:

  • Are there concerns related to the proposed predicate device?

  • Is the proposed clinical trial design appropriate?

  • Are the suggested bench tests and standards appropriate to demonstrate safety and effectiveness?

Dalia Givony can support your company in the Pre-Sub process, from package preparation including regulatory strategy, bench/ preclinical and clinical study design, to supporting the company in the Pre-Sub meeting.

Need help establishing your regulatory strategy and in Pre-Sub preparation?

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